02 December 2010



I left the house around 3:30 to go visit with another English teacher down the street for the evening. She teaches in the village a 20 minute walk from here, but tomorrow is her last day because she will be on bed rest because of her twins- which are due in a month. I met her my second day here in Varatic but I (unfortunately!!) haven't made time to go visit with her. Then today I ran into her husband when I went to the store to buy some water and he told me I should come visit- so I went home, warmed up, then dressed up again to go brave the cold to go for a visit. Due to the cold and the comfort of being at my house I almost didn't go... but I am SO glad that I did. She is just a year older than me and so it is stupid of me not to go socialize... and luckily she doesn't live far. Maybe I'll finally start feeling more at home... each day feels like a step closer!

Then when I got home I went into the casa mica because NTG said dinner would be ready at 5:30. When I opened the door, someone was blocking the doorway putting shoes on and I was so confused because the body seemed smaller than NTG's and over the head was a bright colored floral scarf- um, not NTG. Then she stood up. NMG IS HOME FROM THE HOSPITAL!!! This is a good thing. I'm so excited! She gave me a kiss on the cheek, and then they told me to go back to my house because dinner won't be ready for another 1o minutes. It was like she never left... :P

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