16 December 2010

Ice skiing x2

Sorry for the short post yesterday. I didn't sleep well the night before and, while I was super excited to post, I was too tired and needed to sleep.

When I woke up yesterday there was a light dusting of snow on the ground. It wasn't slippery, it wasn't much, it was just there. I thought that was it. I went to Maria's for my Wednesday tea and breakfast ritual.

Then I went to school.

The snow started, and it never stopped.

Then I got to my 9th form class and looked out the window to see this:

I couldn't stop myself from staring out the window in anticipation for the next break (I felt like a kid again... awesome feeling!).

Then my partner teacher asked me if I wanted to go play: half joking, half serious. I said I did, so she told me to go. But I couldn't leave my class behind! I told them to be quiet, and that we were going to go learn very valuable words: snow, ice, ice skating, sledding, and fun. Oh, and Merry Christmas! (I'd also post a video here)
So after filming and taking some pictures, the kids said it was my turn (I mean, I'm the reason they got out there in the first place). I was hesitant at first (embarrassing to fall in front of the kids...), but I handed my camera off and got on the ice. It was terrifying but totally worth the dog pile of students I created, my bruised hip, and my sore wrist.

Now it is just after 7am, it's still dark outside, and I'm so curious to go look at the snow that came overnight (if any). I'm anticipating some, which, had I been in KS, would definitely warrant a snow day, but because the teachers get paid hourly here and we already have to make up for that week we didn't have school due to the repairs, snow days just aren't going to happen.

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  1. It was verry funny! :) The best lesson... we had a lot of fun. :D