17 December 2010

Outside learning

Instead of having meetings after school (like my schools used to), the teachers have meetings during breaks at my school in Moldova. Every passing period is 15 or 20 minutes long, and that is when the teachers get together (if needed). Today we had a meeting between 4th and 5th period (we have 6 in the day), and it went about 20 minutes into the actual class, so by the time I got there, there wasn't that much time to start an actual lesson after doing the warm-up activity and then checking homework. Plus, it's Friday and it was my last class for the day and I think I'm more ready for break than my students (4 more days total! That's only 2 school days!!)... so it wasn't too difficult for them to convince me to go outside. So we did. And, like the 9th formers, they practiced winter vocabulary (cold, snow, winter, icy, frosty, snowball fight, photo, etc).

I love these kids. Really, I do. And even when the other classes drive me absolutely crazy, this is the class that makes me want to go to school every day (or at least every Monday, Thursday, and Friday), and the class that puts a smile on my face when I'm having a bad day. This is the class that brought me cake and champagne for my birthday (after only knowing me for a week), took me to the disco on my birthday and taught me traditional Moldovan dances, brings me an apple every day... and today they told me that they will collect 100 lei (about $10) from every student to fly me back to Moldova for the Carnival celebration (aka Christmas+New Years... the 12th graders organize all of it... details will come on the 26th) that they will be putting on.

They are seriously awesome.
(These boys are twins!)

(On a side note, I our ice slide got covered in sand and dirt after a kid fell and broke his shoulder. Oops. lol)

And here are some quick pics from the day walking home!

(Everyone walks. Even in this weather. So carpool line for us!)


  1. The fourth photo looks like a fashion shot.

    Love you! I'm so glad these kids are taking care of you.

  2. Yea, they did all of the posing! And it was really just impromptu and they just stood there!