01 December 2010


Tonight is the first night with snow on the ground. Ironically it is also the first night I wouldn't be able to sleep if I didn't go to the bathroom first. Super.

I bundled up rather lightly (aka PJ bottoms and a super warm W4 Patagonia fleece and muckboots- without socks) because I knew I was just going to be pulling my pants down and headed for the veceu (aka outhouse). Luckily it isn't too far away but it's far enough away that by the time I got there I was freezing and my PJ bottoms were dusted with enough snow to make them wet and cold... so the last thing I wanted to do was actually go to the bathroom. But I managed because I figured if I got that far I might as well finish what I started.

Note to self: Don't drink any liquids after 5pm if I know what's good for me.


  1. So this may be really tmi but... I used to collect wide mouth pop bottles and keep them in my room... worked great for me!


  2. hahaha jane!!!! i'll have to keep my eye out for those...