29 December 2010

1st day

We officially made it on the boat with almost no problems. Sometimes I wonder what exactly is going on in my head at times... When we arrived at the port for the boat, we showed the people our passports. Then they said they need our tickets, which confused us at that point because we handn't received tickets from anyone bcuase we had just arrived. When we asked the workers, theyy were just as confused as us. Until I remembered I'd printed out boarding passes on Mi day right before we left. That made the prices much easier :)

We were almost afraid we were going to miss our train because I'm a smart one and I suggested taking a bus from the Vatucan to the train station that took us 40 minutes in the opposite direction. But, hey, we did get to see a different part of Rome and some beautiful apartments! And we missed out train, but there was another one 30 minutes later. So we were fine, and super early according to my typical travel habits, but pushing it according to Ross'. I think I'm going to have to start being on time (aka super early)... Ha.

We are also sitting at a dinner table with a cute couple from Arizona. Most of the people on the cruise speak Italian of French, and they're either much younger, much older, or with kids. So it's nice that they are the same age as us and also 6 months into their relationship.

Time to go explore a cloudy Genoa...

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