01 December 2010

If I close my eyes...

Today classes were cut by an additional 5 minutes on top of the 5 minutes cut from yesterday, so lessons ended at 12:45 today instead of 2pm due to the cold. But for the second time since school has began it was actually warmer inside the school than outside even without heat. With that said, everyone was still bundled up in their heavy coats, scarves, and hats. But it was comfortable, assuming you were dressed correctly. Regardless, classes still finished early so everyone could go home to heat instead of not having it.
The ground has gone from ridiculously muddy to ridiculously frozen. Ice skating anyone?

So, instead of having my tutoring lessons and English club today, I cancelled it. Even though I was warm (thank you base layers), most of the students were not. When I told them it was cancelled, my 4th grade crocodile (aka crocodile tears) almost started crying. I'll take that as a compliment.

Now I'm home and I have a nice warm cup of instant spiced apple cider (thanks New Grannie!!), and I have my back sitting against the soba which is slowly but surely warming up my room. If I close my eyes, it's almost like I'm back at home with my back against a fire...

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