09 December 2010

Summer sky in December

When I went outside this morning to go have breakfast I saw this sky, so then ran and grabbed my camera:
Then I walked a little further toward the gate and saw this:
Then went outside the gate and saw this:
Then turned back around and saw this reflection:
Then, just as I was about to go back inside I saw this!!
Then I snapped one more shot, thinking I was done.
Until I looked out the window while eating and saw this:
And then NMG came in and told me there were TWO rainbows, so I went back outside.
And I was able to snap one of NMG just after she said this sunrise is a summer sunrise, not a winter one.


  1. Cate, I need to get the atlas out and FIND you.... it's 2010, and they are driving horses with wagons with bicycle tires in Chisinau. Unbelieveable.

    It's freezing cold out tonight here in Leavenworth County, and the wind is blowing through the windows of our old farmhouse. The wind is blowing at gusts up to 60 miles an hour outside, none of the dogs want to be out, and we are hoping the llamas have finally gone into their barn. The chickens are hunkered down in their houses, and we don't want to go anywhere. I'll get up for church in the morning, but I love Advent so must be a glutton for punishment. Love your little tree... Merry Christmas clear across the world!

  2. Mary Ann-
    Thanks so much! It's 2010 and you still have an atlas?! lol. Moldova is about the size of Maryland and is sandwiched right between Ukraine and Romania. It used to have a beach, but Stalin (I believe) decided to change the borders.

    It was freezing and super windy the last couple of nights, too, and boy oh boy is it cold now!!!

    You have llamas??!?! I don't want to be outside, either, and if I didn't have to go outside to use the bathroom then I'd stay inside all day, too!!

    I learned what CITR is... but I don't know how my name came from it?

    Merry Christmas to you, too!!

  3. THOUSANDS of miles apart. 2 continents and one great big ocean- and we still live under the same one great big sky!

  4. Yea, it's pretty cool!!! ... and a totally crazy though!