19 December 2010

Hram 1

Yesterday I attempted to make Buckeye balls. While I am incredibly possessive over the little peanut butter that I do have here, I decided to share a taste of American tradition with the people who invited me to their Hram (aka village birthday) celebrations.
First attempt at melting chocolate: fail. (Don't add butter after it's melted).
Second attempt at melting chocolate: success! (I put the pan over a boiling pot of water so the chocolate melted slower.

So this morning I was like a little kid on Christmas day. I was invited to 3 parties- which means 3+ hours total of eating about as much food as I eat in a week at every party. Eek!! But thankfully tonight they have the ball, so hopefully I'll be doing some traditional dances with the students and working off all of the food. But OH BOY is it tasty!

My first masa (aka party) was with one of my partner teachers and her family. Her husband, daughter, and daughter's boyfriend came in from Chisinau late last night and they left this afternoon. It was a quick visit, but it was so great to talk to them! Her daughter is just a year younger than me and is living and working in Chisinau... I'm glad I have a new friend that is my age, and someone to hang out with when I make my way to Chisinau.

Extra snow pics:

EEK! My alarm just went off (I was trying to nap, but it was a failed attempt after my host dad had to come get a textbook and my host mom to tend to the fire...)... time to head to masa 2 with Maria!!

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