01 December 2010


Last post before I hit the sack- another veceu story I just realized I forgot to write about.

On Tuesday I was at my tutoring lesson and, much like tonight, had to pee so bad (sorry for the TMI, but it's necessary) that I knew I wouldn't make it home if I didn't use the veceu. So I asked my student where it was and he decided to lead me there since it was kind of a maze going through the house. He opened the gate then pointed to it, and I started walking (a rather fast walk, actually... maybe even a slow jog) and the next thing I knew a dog popped his head around the corner and started barking rather ferociously at me. Thankfully I have control of my bladder but I definitely jumped about 5 feet high and about took my 9th grade student out in fear of this chained up dog. Then he bends down and pets the dog saying, "it's ok, she's nice!". So I tried to pet her....
GROOOOOWWWWWLLLLL ruff ruff ruff RUFF!!!! (If you don't speak Dog, that's Dog for "Whaaaaaaaaaat are you still doing here? GO AWAY!!!!")

... I made it to the veceu just in time.

Then on the way back I had another failed attempt at being the Dog Whisperer... apparently it only works for me with dogs in Razeni... with Cali, in particular.

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