16 December 2010


Two of my fellow PCV's recently posted on their blog's about Moldovan's supporting each other because without the support of others, well, it would be very difficult to survive (Laquia and Lindsay)

Because they did such a great job of writing about it, I'll leave it up to you to read. However, I will add my side to the story.

I was walking home today after a particularly frustrating day, and just as I was almost in front of my house I saw a woman bending over trying to pick up something she had dropped in the road, which is still covered in snow (and will probably be until Spring). I went up to help her pick up whatever she dropped, and just as I gave it to her, she took off in a rather fast sprint... almost as if she was embarrassed she'd dropped something. Before I knew it, she had slipped in the snow. I ran up to her to make sure she was ok (I think she's in her 60's), and she just kinda sat there and was saying some things to me. At this point I realized she had been drinking, and according to other neighbors and my host family, this is a normal situation for this woman (and her husband). But, being as I experienced similar situations to this in college and was helped out by my friends, I figured it was the normal (and natural) thing to help her get home safely. So I picked her up, and we walked to her house, and I got her inside safely. She kept saying, "I brought the girl with me", and then as I was leaving, she was crying and saying she didn't have any gloves, but she brought the "girl" to the house.

Then I got home and told NMG about it. Her response, along with NTG's, was that I should have left her on the ground to sleep because she should suffer the consequences of her drinking. I'm going to agree to disagree on this one, only because I think she is suffering enough consequences already.

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