19 December 2010


I was out of the house yesterday from 2-8, visiting with a couple of students. It was so wonderful to be out and about in the village all day, and it was a new experience walking through a lot of snow in the street that hadn't been shoveled.

When I got home, I was expecting my room to be nice and toasty like it usually is because NMG is so good at keeping me warm. But it wasn't. I mean, it wasn't cold (until I went to sleep), but it definitely wasn't super warm. I found out this morning that she fell asleep at 7 (hard day of preparing for Hram!), so that is why she didn't make the fire. Thankfully I have a sleeping bag and super awesomly warm blankets so I fell asleep and stayed nice and warm all night. It was actually quite perfect.

So now she has a fire going in the soba, and I think I've figured out that it actually gets colder when the fire is going before it gets warm. I'm not sure why this is- anyone want to explain it?

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  1. perhaps draft intakes to get the fire going well before shutting it down and letting the stove heat up. The chimney pulls air into the stove to fan the flames, building a draft up the chimney.. If necessary, it pulls it through leaks in the house, hence the cold air before the warmth?