24 December 2010


It's finally Christmas break and due to the excitement of it all (and finally having some freedom), I have lacked at an update. Please accept my apologizes as an early Christmas gift. :)

On Wednesday, my friend Mandy (who is site mates with Ross in Pelinia) and I spent all afternoon and evening baking cookies with the help of her boyfriend. We made Chocolate Espresso cookies (my personal favorite from the day), Chocolate Crackle, Chewy Sugar, Almond Thumbprint, and chocolate dipped pretzels (which I left at Mandy's. Oops). We were also going to make some ginger cookies but of course I left the ginger at Ross'. Oh well, that gave me something to do today!

Mandy and her host sister
Chris burned the wrapping of the butter... note: the wrapping of the butter is flammable and should NOT go in the microwave.

So I've been anxiously awaiting my Christmas package from my Aunt because she told me there was a cookie press cookie maker in it. Every year my sister and I used to go to my Aunt's house to make cookies, and Spritz cookies have always been my favorite... so this was a great surprise (even though it wasn't so much of a surprise because she told me ahead of time). But my package took longer than the usual 2 weeks to arrive- and we were getting worried that it got lost in delivery. When Ross was in Chisinau, he looked for it. Then we both went on Wednesday and looked for it and couldn't find it. But then, just as we were leaving, he looked through the package log again, and there it was! So today I baked more cookies- gingerbread and spritz.
Oh. My. Gosh. I ate too much dough... but it was so worth it! And tonight Ross and I are going to decorate the cookies to prepare for Santa :) The lights are up, the presents are under the tree, and we're ready.

3 days until Italy...

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