01 December 2010

11th Form

Oh 11th form.
They really know how to drive me nuts sometimes, but other times they really bring a smile to my face. Like today, for example, we were talking about problems and solutions. We asked the kids to make a list of various problems they have in their lives, then once that was done, we all worked together to find solutions. One student wrote "girls" at the top of the list. Then the student, pictured below, wrote this for a solution:

Yes, that's right. A BMW is a solution to the problem of girls. I like his thinking.

The test they took yesterday had two essay questions. One was more of a short-answer response, and one a bit longer. I'd like to share some of the responses with you (copied exactly as written).

Question 1: Would you like to have a new friend for love, money money, or future benefit?

I like to have a new friend for love benefit. The love is bestful thing and everyone like to have a friend for life.
-Andrei (or Ion... I'm not so sure because they copied each other.)
I would like to have a new friend to love, because love is the most beautiful and pure feeling between two people. When I am in love, everything is easy and simple [and] happy for me.

Question 2: Write an essay about admiring nature.

I like admiring nature because nature is beautiful and wanderful. The nature is life. In the nature I live very very much. I like very very much go in the forest and go to the river and I like to fish. Nature is our life the hould [whole] life. Nature I like admiring nature and like.
- Victor (this is the student that sat through the entire test and didn't write anything until the last two minutes, and this is the result)

Nature is a gift from God for every one of us. Even if few people can admire and appreciate the beauties of nature, I'm sure everyone can't imagine this world without sky, sun, clouds, trees, and other things that make our lives more interesting. In every day when I go home I see a sad picture- a dirty nature. The grass is sad and trees are angry. I feel like they want to say something to me, asking for help.
To live in harmony with nature is a great talent and an useful advantage for our live and for this we no need money, just love and care.
So, look at the sky, at all around you and admire it and know that oyu are a lucky person in the world.
- Irina

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