01 November 2010

Weekend away

As soon as I realized I was going to be in Chisinau for seminars from Monday to Friday I called my host family in Razeni to see if I could stay with them from the weekend. They were so excited and of course so was I. Until MG called me on Thursday night and told me she worked until Saturday morning and so therefore I couldn't come until then. Ross had already made plans to visit other PCV's so I made a call to my friend Erin in Cimislia.
In the morning we attempted to make apple pancakes from a recipe in the cookbook that Peace Corps put together. The recipe provided didn't exactly work out. I mean, how can pancakes turn out when the apples are supposed to be cut in chunks, and eggs and flour are the only ingredients (with sugar and cinnamon to taste)?

Basically, they didn't work out... until we added more flour, baking soda, sugar, and cut the apples into smaller pieces. The result? Success!

After a morning of relaxing we headed back into Chisinau so I could make my way to Razeni. As soon as I stopped off of the rutiera in Razeni I felt like I was home. It was a feeling I really can't even describe in other words than that. I knew I was going to be walking into a house where there are people that love me and love me being there. It was incredible feeling that smile creep over my face!

My host sisters weren't home so I was with MG and TG. We ate dinner, caught up, and then went to bed. The next morning MG made breakfast, we caught up more, she picked the fuzz balls off of my wool socks, and then we went to the market with the neighbor.

On the way home I stopped by the school to see if I could find Cali. As soon as I stepped in the gate I saw a dog on the other side of the school. I whistled and to dog stopped, looked my direction, and then came running.

I sat down and she immediately climbed into my lap (which was how she sat with me all summer). Then I took my camera out- and she got fidgety and ran back in the direction of where she was before. I quickly followed, hoping she was going to her puppies (it was obvious she had puppies by her doggy boobies). Sure enough, I was right! She led me to a house behind the school where I could hear a puppy whining. Before I knew it, she had grabbed the puppy by its scruff and was bringing it to me!

She brought her under the gate...

and then carried her to another location (I'm assuming to be away from that house??). There she laid in the sun and fed her puppy.

Oh how I wish I could take her (and the puppy!!) home with me... I miss that dog so much. And of course I miss Razeni that much, too.

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