12 November 2010

A good photographer always...

Someone once told me that a good photographer always has his or her camera with them at all times.

Well, today I almost failed.

I walked out of Luminita's house today to head home and then I noticed the light. Me, being the weirdo that I am, said, "WOW. Look at this light! Look how it is making everything glow! Look at the shadow of your laundry on the wall! Look at the turkeys at the neighbors house! Just LOOK at this! I wish I had my camera. Oh well, next time."

Ummm HELLO? I-wish-I-had-my-camera?! I was next door. Not down the street. Not on the other side of town. Not in another village. Next door.

Before I knew it I was running inside to get my camera because light that perfect wasn't going to last long. Sure enough some of the wonderfully lit things weren't as wonderfully lit- but still glowing. Everything was quiet, and once again there was that sense of calm that I'm not used to experiencing, but also not complaining about!

Here are some pictures (totally untouched):