12 November 2010

Mother nature

There is something about the fall weather in Moldova that doesn’t make me scared for winter. Ok, maybe that’s only true for the moment considering a month ago I was terrified. But, regardless… I’m not scared now. Mother Nature has been tricking us with the 70 degree temperatures, but I’m definitely not complaining. Most of the leaves are off of the trees now, and normally this would put me in a rather sad mood. Somehow, though, that doesn’t do that to me in Moldova. I can’t stop admiring the beauty of this country even in the midst of a (supposedly) brutal winter quickly approaching. I’ve seen the people here work their butts off so they have enough food for the winter and prepare their fields for the next year of crops. It’s been an incredible transition (am I taling about the seasons or my attitude here??) and I’m rather excited to see what this winter will bring.

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