07 November 2010

"My people"

I spent an hour at the Art Piata with my friend Mandy last week looking at the artwork, enjoying the weather, and talking with the artists. First Fridays has always been one of my favorite events in Kansas City, and this piata gives me First Fridays every day of the week that I want when I'm in Chisinau. While some of the artists have other people selling their artwork for them, a lot of them are actually there.
I talked to a man from Milesti Mici (where Ross had his training). After talking for him a bit a woman sitting behind him said she didn't believe I arrived here in June and learned the language this fast (spitting as she said it as if to say BS). Well, no lies, and then I got to talk to her and take her picture. She said there are many Americans that come by her and ask to take her picture saying they'll be back- and they never come back. Well, considering I would spend every day there if I could, I'll be back. With her picture. And ready for some conversation! (picture coming soon)

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