15 November 2010

I love...

Things I love about Moldova from the last 2 weeks...

Painting with friends
Sleeping Mickey Mouse (aka Mick)
The simplicity of an outdoor kitchen
Riding in a horse drawn buggy to the piata with my host mom and neighbors on Sunday
Makeshift shelves at the piata

Kids playing in huge tractor tires

Roses that got frozen and have stayed beautiful, even in the cold

Old men that stop me in the street to take their picture as they're enjoying the weather
Introducing technology into the Moldovan classrooms

Skits by Peace Corps friends to remind us how to dress (or not to dress) for the upcoming winter weather

Cooking chicken and noodles like my mom used to do it

Bright colors even with bare trees

A silent representation of Moldovan pride

Umbrellas in ice cream

Being able to celebrate friends' birthday's

The "Moldovan squat" being represented by an American (sharing of cultures!)

Friendly (and silly) artists
Chess in the streets

A woman who claims she never smiles... but thinks I'm funny