07 November 2010

Hand wash

I'd heard of another volunteer having her private area wiped down after using the restroom by her host mom... but it was one of those "that'll never happen to me" moments.

Well, it didn't exactly happen to me. But I got in the bubble bath that Ross's host mom had prepared for me and she came back into the room and said she was going to give me a massage. She said lay in the host water for 5 or so minutes and she'd be back... even though I told her it wasn't necessary and I could do it myself, she insisted because my mother died when I was little so I wasn't washed that way before. Plus, she said when her daughters come back to visit (which has been 2-8 years depending on the daughter), they love to have her wash them. While my va-jay-jay wasn't hand washed, the rest of me was. It was kind of a weird feeling because, well, I wasn't clothed, but also because in our culture we become independent around the age of 4 or 5 when it comes to washing ourselves.

It was quite interesting and definitely a story for the books... and it will go great with her also telling me that I get to be the gosbodina (housewife) this week and cook for Ross. Now it's time to start searching for recipes...

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