29 November 2010

Snow in Moldova

Saturday morning brought another round of snow. When I woke up in the morning I took some time to take some pictures because I thought the snow was going to stop soon... but I was mistaken.

NTG and Mick going to start the fire for the soba in my room

Once Ross decided to wake up we went on a walk since this makes the 4th time he has ever seen snow.
He's ready for the snow... it was only just below freezing!

I'm not the only one who knows how to take pictures (his result is below!)

This weekend was exactly what I've been needing. On Friday I told myself I wasn't going to think about school for one minute. Ok, well, that's not quite possible because I'm always thinking about school but I didn't do anything for it. By 5pm on Friday, Ross was heading back to Pelinia to watch the LSU game because my internet isn't working fast enough to watch the game (unfortunately they lost!), and that left me alone for all of Saturday night and Sunday. While I would have preferred to be with him, that still left me time to clean and reorganize- and cleaning and reorganizing is what I did ALL Sunday (while listening to some awesome Christmas music)! It was wonderful. Since my host mom is still in the hospital in Chisinau (she's been there since Wednesday!!), I'm left to fend for myself when it comes to cleaning, and my host dad gets to be the chef. He doesn't give himself enough credit for knowing how to cook- I'm impressed!

More snow in the forecast for Wednesday and Thursday! It's so beautiful... till it melts... and then the pretty white snow turns into thick mud!

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