19 November 2010


I remember the All City Swim&Dive Championships rather clearly. All of the moms would cover the windows of their minivans with white shoe polish with slogans such as "Eat our bubbles!" and "We're #1!", folllowed with the names of every hopeful child riding in their car. Streamers would be tied to the rearview mirrors, and sometimes country club flags were flying out the windows. Then we would drive to wherever the meet was being held, honking the whole way and making as much noise as possible. I can't speak for my teammates, but I know that I felt like the center of the world.... And if you know me then you probably know that I like that feeling.

All of this honking and nonsense happens here in Moldova too, although instead of a parade of cars honking to announce the fact that they're en route to a meet the kiddos have been anxiously awaiting all summer, Moldovans are honking to announce a wedding, which is what the young women have been waiting for all of their lives.

While I felt like the focus of everyone we drove past, I now realize I probably wasn't, and here people are even more immune to it since there are multiple weddings every weekend. Regardless, it's still fun... Even if it may be obnoxious to everyone else.

... It's the little things in life (like my step mom teaching us to can applesauce, and my aunt teaching us to make homemade noodles... Even though I'm pretty sure I lost interest quickly and went to go play with the latest new toy I had at the time).

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