30 November 2010


The 4th grader I wrote about in my previous post, the one who didn't speak till he was 7, cries a lot. One day he came into class crying because someone had hit him during break. Another day when I was having trouble with the girls he was crying because I took his toy gun away for one reason or another (and he actually apparently said mean things about my), and today he was crying again during break saying kids were bullying him. I really feel for him, and it hurt me to see him crying and alone again. So I went up to him, in my terrible Romanian, and told him that I need him to tell all of the other students that come to the tutoring lessons to come a half hour earlier today. He was still kinda sad, so I then had him give my a high five to seal the deal. Then a low five- oops! Too slow!. He loved it. Before I knew it he was laughing and becoming really quick at hitting my hand.


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