30 January 2011


Beginning in 3rd grade I went to church almost every weekend. Then I began questioning my faith and my reasons for going to church (it became more of a social time than a learning time), and once I got to college I stopped going. Then nearing graduation I decided to try it again and I enjoyed what I was hearing but I still wasn't fully believing everything. So, that's that.

Now back to the present.

My host dad really likes to talk to me about God. I mean, really really. It doesn't but me at all and it seems that it usually comes out more on the weekends, which is when he has his meetings with people who are in the same faith as him. So today the topic with me was about friends. He said we don't have many good friends on this Earth, and in truth, everyone is bad, so we don't really have any friends at all (yea, that's exactly what I'm wanting to hear when I'm struggling continuing my service here and I'm wanting to be home...). He said people act like you're friends but then they go and talk about you behind your back. Yes I agree this happens (ironically I watched Mean Girls last night). After a little bit too much repetition of the same thing (it's ok, it happens... especially when I don't understand everything that is said), he got up to go do something. So I turned to my host mom and I said, "I don't even need to go to church. We have church at home!" And she just about died laughing (and coughing), and I joined in. When he came back, she told him what I said and unfortunately he didn't find it as funny as we did. But regardless it made for a good laugh. And I needed that (even if it caused a coughing fit).


  1. Check out COR's free podcasts/online sermons- they are fantastic.

  2. Cate, I'm sorry to read you are still sick... I know sometimes sick of spirit can translate into sick at heart and of body, so (crazily enough) I'll say a prayer for your recovery and for you to make a decision about your life.

    Now... thanks for the referral to your stepmom's farm, and yes, I will write her.
    Also, I have a box ready for you but there is a freaking BLIZZARD outside today, and I am stuck at home taking a "vacation day"... because I am a wimp and could not get into the office. As soon ... Thursday... probably... as I can get back out... after the plow guy comes.... I'll haul the box into the UPS office and find out what I have to declare customs wise and get it sent to you. I hope you are still there when it arrives (laugh).