13 January 2011

11th form dialogues

We asked our 11th form to create dialogues today with their desk partner about a conflict. The conflict could be real or made up, but regardless, the conversation had to be about a conflict. This was my favorite dialogue, written by 2 boys. One has the best English out of all of the boys in the class (which actually doesn't say too much... but he really tries, so it's the thought that counts) and the other one doesn't have a clue but is absolutely hilarious and needs to be in theater. Seriously.

Student 1: Why do you cry to my brother?
Student 2: Because I want! (Side note: this was said as if he was a 16 year old girl, but as a boy... if that makes sense)
Student 1: How are you to be so cool.
Student 2: My father, are policeman.
Student 1: Oh, and if your father are policeman, you are land to fight
Student 2: Yes, father is a boss police.
Student 1: I don't know hy is your father, and now apologized or I'm gonna fight you.
2. Sorry (said with honest sincerity)

1: Why did you hit my brother?
2: Because I wanted to!
1: Who are you to be so cool.
2. My father is a policeman.
1. Oh, and if your father is a policeman, you are allowed to fight?
2. Yes, my father is the Chief of Police.
1. I don't know who your father is, so apologize now or I'm gonna fight you.
2. Sorry.

Maybe you had to be there, but up until I had this class, it had been a ridiculously long "welcome back to school after 1 month of being away" day.

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