14 January 2011


Today I brought my iPad to school to show the kids pictures from my trip, along with the souvenirs that I bought. I cannot tell you how surprised I was that the kids, especially the 4th graders, sat through all of the pictures. It was funny because everyone was waiting for the photos from Egypt... which came after Italy and Greece. Unfortunately once they saw the pictures from Egypt they were done, so they didn't see my my favorite place (Messina), but that's ok. After I showed the photos I pulled out the souvenirs and told them a little bit about the history of the glass from Italy, the shell ring from Pompeii, and the headdress from Egypt. Surprisingly the 4th and 8th graders looked at them very carefully and then gave them back to me. But the 10th graders (my favorite class) tried on the ring and then the headdress. Here are some pictures of them showing you my purchases from the trip. Poftim!

... I think they copied Ross and me


  1. You know, these are VERY attractive young people... I hope they have happy lives after school... they look like the hope of their small nation.

  2. They are the hope for the future of their small nation. Absolutely wonderful students, this group.