30 January 2011

Day 5

Day 5 of laying in bed has finally broken the fever but I've developed a nasty cough that has, in turn, given me some super rockin' ab muscles. Unfortunately I'm emotionally and physically drained at the moment and I just want to get better. I'm headed back to Medical tomorrow and hopefully things will start looking up for me in both directions.

You know, Peace Corps has a saying that says, "This is the hardest job you'll ever love". It's the hardest job I've ever had, that's for sure... but it's far from a job that I love. Things need to start changing or I might be home sooner than expected.

I am very thankful, though, to have a host mom that cares a lot about me. Two nights ago, as I was laying in bed with a fever bordering 103ºF, she sat next to me and dapped my face with cold water for about 15 minutes. Due to my lack of appetite, she's also been asking me what I want her to make for every meal and she checks on me every few hours (except during the night) to see if I'm okay.

I could really use some yoga right now, though.

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