27 January 2011

Sick... again

On Tuesday I got the "ok" to come back to site because I was almost done with my antibiotics and everything seemed to be clearing up just fine. I'd woken up that morning feeling like I'd been hit by a train with all of my joints hurts, but I didn't think too much about it since I'd slept kind of restlessly the two nights before it. Then I went to school yesterday, still feeling like I'd been hit by a train and with a lot of sinus pressure. I had to cancel my after school activities because I just wanted to go home, take some medicine, and get warm (was freezing all day, even standing by the heater!). When I got home I took my temperature: 101.5ºF. Super. I took some medicine and then the fever went down a little bit and I was hoping it would stay down. Nope. Woke up this morning with the same reading. So I've spent all day sleeping and laying in bed. This is so frustrating because I'd just come home, and now I'm sick again, and it's slowing my project and everything else down.

But, on a plus side, I skyped with the 4th grade class in Kansas that writes letters to some of the students at my school here. They were doing a spelling activity and let me watch. It was really cool and it made me realize that I'm pretty sure teaching is still what I want to do... I just need to take the GRE and figure out where I want to go to school and what kind of teaching I want to specialize in!

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