13 January 2011

I like your boobs?

Today I didn't have a class during the 6th period so I hung out near a heater in my partner teacher's room as she was teaching her 9th grade class. There were only 8 students and only 2 of them were boys. The subject of the class was self-image, and she had asked the students first to go around the room and say some things they like and don't like about themselves and their body. Then she asked the girls to look at the boys and say what they liked about them. They said they like that the boys are strong, they have good hands and nails, and they have a good smile. Then it was the boys' turn to talk about the girls. The boys are pretty weak in their English abilities and seem to be rather shy, so I stopped in and tried to tell one of the boys to say, "They have good hair" but he said, "Nu. Eu vreau să spun altceva" (Translation... No, I want to say something else). You know what it was?

Ele au tîțe frumoase.

Any idea what that means?

Ok, I'll tell you. They have beautiful boobs.

I then wrote it on the board because let's face it... This was really funny. This boy immediately said, "Am nevoie să scriu acest" (Translation... I need to write this) and he did.

And I guarantee if he doesn't learn anything else this semester, he'll probably remember this one his whole life.

Boys will be boys no matter what country you're in. Lesson learned.

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