12 January 2011


I'm currently on a rutiera on my way home (yay!) chatting with my sister on skype. It's almost 6pm and very dark outside due to the cloud cover and extreme fog. So, while on my computer, I'm a current glow. But it's ok. It's important to talk to my sister!

But a little boy, probably around 5 or 6, just got on the rutiera with a woman whom I assume is his mother. When he got by me, he stopped. His mom tried to get him to go into the open seat across the aisle from me but he wouldn't- he wanted her to go first so he could look at my computer.

You see, if I were on a 4 hour bus ride in America and I pulled out a laptop it wouldn't be surprising to anyone... but to Moldovan's, especially the children who may be lucky to have computers in their school, are absolutely mesmerized by it.

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