14 January 2011

Good person

Unfortunately I can't take credit for this huge project I hope to be starting here any day... and I don't really want to put too much information until it is more figured out. But it basically has to do with helping some of the kids in my school who have both parents abroad communicate more frequently with them, which will ideally help their progress in school, and so on and so forth (with a whole bunch of minute details in-between).

So, when I got ready to pitch the idea to my Director (aka Principal, aka Boss outside of Peace Corps), I got really nervous. For some reason my Romanian gets worse when I'm around her (I think it's that authority thing)... but the problem is that she doesn't know English, so I can't exactly resort back to that if I can't figure out what I want to say. So, because of this unnecessary nervousness, I asked one of my students in the 10th grade to help me out with the translation if I got stuck. As I told her the details of the project in English before talking with the Director she said, 'You're a good person, Miss Cate."

I am happy to be back with my students... I think I left my thoughts get the best of me before, and I got too wrapped up in being somewhere else.

Sometimes I believe it's best to remember where you are, and to put your whole heart into that place, because if not, you'll forget why you're there.

(but a getaway vacation is sometimes very necessary)

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  1. You ARE a good person Miss Cate, not just by being in the Peace Corps, but helping those kids and helping yourself at the same time... and I love reading about your life in Moldava! More of your wonderful pictures, please!