17 January 2011

Happy today

Today started out rough. It was cloudy (again), and there was actually a frost last night (it's been "warm" aka about 40 degrees the last week-ish). So that definitely wasn't helping my dispoziție (mood) to say the least...

Good thing 1: Late morning, the sun popped out. And it stayed. And it's still here (although it's setting because it's that time...)

Good thing 2: I went to the Primaria (Mayor's Office) to talk to them about finding out if they are an NGO or not, and then how I can go about funding my Skype project. They said they aren't a NGO but the școala (school) is, which makes things SO much easier for me to get the funding!

Good thing 3: Our village is soon going to get fiber optic internet... which is SUPER fast and SUPER awesome. The school will also be getting it (as long as I understood correctly) which will also help with the project. They say spring time... but we'll see. Two villages really close to us already have it... so that's encouraging.

Good thing 4: I haven't lost the friend I thought I lost. :)

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