13 June 2010

Video of my new home

Buna seara! (Good evening!) Check out the toilet- for which I have an awesome story.

When I first arrived, my host sister, Nadea, was giving me a tour of the house. She speaks English incredibly well, so it has made my adjustment that much better. I had been told time and time again that the chances of having an outhouse were pretty high. In fact, it would be odd if the home where I was staying did not have one. So, I'd like to say I was mentally prepared when she said, "the toilet is outside". Unfortunately, though, I did not have to use the restroom until it was dark outside, so when I went to try to remember which gate lead to the outhouse, I forgot. Along comes Nadea with a flashlight (thank goodness!) to show me the way. She helps me open the gate, then shines the flashlight in the direction of the toilet (a hole between 2 boards. literally). My thought was she was then going to walk out and wait for me, but no, she says, "Don't worry, I won't look" as she is shining the flashlight on me. Ok, that's great, I don't want to fall in. As we were leaving she says, "You have great legs!"

Welcome to Moldova- where privacy doesn't exist.

... now that's a story for the storybooks.


  1. GREAT video, Cate! Loved watching it! Interesting about the toilet... I guess it will just take some getting used to! Haha. Gotta learn to aim?

  2. Either that or I'm going to have greater than great legs by the end of this because of the squatting! :)

  3. Love the video ~ the chickens and ducks are great!

    Don't let your new sister pluck your beautiful eyebrows!!!! It is painful and you don't need to because you are so blonde.

  4. What a great experience, Cate! Thanks for posting this so we can get a taste of Moldova, too! A far cry from home. So glad you are adventurous and open to new things. I look forward to more!