17 June 2010

Photo Walk in Razeni

Yesterday was absolutely perfect. I was wearing my moisture wick dress from Patagonia with the expectation of a scorcher like the previous days. Thankfully I was wrong- and I could have been wearing "normal" clothes. But no, I'm not complaining!

I was not hungry when I arrived home from school, so after walking through the garden with Mamă Katya and eating fresh berries of all sorts (a few of which I have no idea what they were), I decided to take a plimbare with my camera.

Some of my friends had been talking about the "back roads" and up until my walk, I'd assumed the roads were more like... well, branches? Meaning there is the main road. Then off of the main road streets branch off it it- but in a perpendicular façon without looping around and creating more roads. Why did I assume this? Well, I'm not so sure. But I did, and now I know the difference. So, to begin, I took one of these "new" roads, just in front of my house.

The walk continued for about an hour. In the process I saw different types of water wells (some of which seemed to be a place for worship?), neat textures, different ways the Moldovans build their homes, a church being built, a horse drawn wagon, people in the back of a truck, little kiddos playing outside (they tried speaking to me but I didn't understand... they were cute, though!), the beautiful green countryside, bright colored flowers, dirt roads, ducks in the road, and more. Check out the video to see it all!

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