27 June 2010

Times like this

It's times like this I wish I knew more Romanian...

The dog was barking its' head off and making my headache even worse, so I went to go yell at him. When I get outside my door, there is a man standing there (late 20's, early 30's). He looks at me and asks if I'm Katie/Cate... And I say yes. Then I don't understand him, and he asks if I teach English. He then asks me something about little kids? Then an American named "Den" (I think he meant Ben?)... my host dad came around the corner and stood there then talked to him (thank goodness!)

This is odd because 1. he opened our gate and came in?? SO not normal.
and 2. I didn't understand nearly enough to actually know what he was asking, but enough to realize he didn't mean me.

For my family and friends (and readers!)- don't freak out. Everything is totally ok. It was just a bizarre situation and I'm ready to learn more Romanian. NOW.

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