15 June 2010

Kansas City Fitness

This is an email from my cousin, Lesley:

ey gang-

I posted about this on my facebook but thought I would send out this message as well...Kansas City Fitness Magazine is having a competition kind of like a "biggest loser" thing where the participants work out with personal trainers/etc. and try to lose weight. You don't really "win" anything, but thought it would be a good opportunity to get into good post-baby shape! :)

Anyway, their contest opens tomorrow at 8 am (IT CLOSES TUESDAY NIGHT!!!)where you have to go on their Facebook fan page and vote for me against a bunch of other participants to go on to the next round. If you guys could round up any friends/family you have to vote for me, I would appreciate it! :) Here is the link to their facebook fan page, http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/pages/Kansas-City-Fitness-Magazine/183360774833?ref=ts

If the above link doesn't work you can also just log into facebook and search for their magazine name and you will find it as well. Not sure exactly what it will look like and facebook is blocked for me at work, but they said it would have a picture and you would just have to click "like" by my picture to vote. :) The voting stops Tuesday at 5 pm.

Anyway, have a great week and thanks in advance for helping me out!

PLEASE VOTE FOR HER! She's the best... here's here baby!!

Thanks for your support! The Heizman family appreciates it!

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