19 June 2010

Fo pas (because I've already forgotten my French)

This is a video explaining my Moldovan "fo pas" when it comes to interacting with children. The reason I spelled this "fo pas" is because I was sitting at my computer last night trying as hard as I could to think how that is spelled, and I could not for the life of me come to a conclusion. So, I spelled it the best that I could. It wasn't until one of my friends commented and said, "It's FAUX PAS, Cate. It's FRENCH." Oh boy. You'd think I'd never learned French. I guess these Romanian classes are working well!

*PS- You're going to need to turn the volume WAY up! I was away from my computer and apparently I speak quietly.


  1. Your eyebrows look great ~ I like your dress/top! You look very pretty in black.

  2. Ha! You are just like me! I'm still making faux pas in the US. Just ask my mother in law. Do you think that the momma had just breast fed her baby and was afraid that the baby would spit up all over you? FYI, the motion to lift up is more likely to cause a baby to vomit...so says the voice of experience.

  3. YEEEEES that's exactly what I think! I haven't raised children, but I've spent a lot of time with them. lol

    And thank you! That's why I wear a lot of black :)