26 June 2010

Taking things for granted

I'm lucky here in Moldova: I have running water, electricity, gas, internet (and an outdoor toilet). Some of my friends in Razeni do not have one more more of the above, and there are places in this country where people do not have any of the above. While I know my host mom has lived here 30 years, I never really sat back to think about this house before all of the utilities were here, nor just how recent they came. She said 1 year ago they got electricity and 6 months ago they got gas. I'm not sure about the water.... but considering there is still a well that is used just outside their gate, I can only assume it was recent, too. In fact, my host dad worked with the Mayor to get these things to their house.
It's hard for me to imagine a life without these things, having grown up in Johnson County. While I wouldn't change where I'm from (it got me here, didn't it??), it's interesting to observe a totally different lifestyle. I guess this is what the PeaceCorps is all about, when I sit and think about it...

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