15 June 2010

I did it!

Flying in an airplane tends to take away the feeling of just exactly how far away one is from home. I know I'm in Moldova, and I know it's 7-9 hours earlier at home, but I don't think it has really set in yet. Maybe it's because I lucked out and got such a fantastic host family.

Today was day 3 of Romanian language lessons. When class began today I could hardly differentiate between good morning, good afternoon, and good evening. But when we had an hour break for lunch I received a huge confidence boost. Let's just say the dictionary is my new best friends. My host mom and I were able to have a conversation the whole time (yes, broken, and yes with the dictionary), but she actually said she understood me. It was such a great feeling an an incredible accomplishment to see how quickly I've learned! Obviously I am lacking huge amounts of vocabulary and knowledge of verb conjugations (I only know "a fi" which is "to be") but it was enough for understanding. My host mom also is anxiously to learn English, so words we looked up or things she was curious about, she'd ask. I think we have "red wine" and "cheers" down. :)

Romanian lessons hare rock! They're so productive, and it's so great to go back to my host family and practice what I've learned.

I love my life!

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