21 June 2010

First break

Today was my first breakdown (I know, you didn't want to hear it, but it's true!). I think it was mostly because there was a lot of change. My host sister is in Chisinau for exams, my host mom left yesterday morning for Chisinau to work, my host dad was here but I hardly saw him. When I got up this morning, no one was around, then when I got to school, we were put with new teachers and new classmates. Then, while sitting in class, I felt like I wasn't retaining any of the information that was presented (all 4.5 hours of new information).

Thankfully my host mom was home when I got back from lunch. I saw her and broke down.

I know I don't have a "home" back in the States, but I do have lots of friends and family. Friends and family (aka "home")- I miss you.

...although I do love Moldova and my life here.

Update coming much later. I still have 3 hours of "tech" and then lots of studying to do to make up for today.


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