23 September 2011

What I learned

I know I'm the teacher and all, but teachers can learn interesting things in school, too!

Today I learned that there is a comet that is heading toward the Earth and is going to cause 3 days of darkness beginning on Monday, which could cause the end of the world. And due to this, all of the important world's leaders (Obama included) are taking "mini vacations" and really hiding in bunkers. While I haven't found out if the bunkers part is true, I did find out that the comet is most likely not going to be of an issue.

Then I found out that Moldovan's were not informed of the conspiracy theory that the attacks on the twin towers were not an act of terrorism but instead a plot by the government. They are just now being informed of this. I wonder what else they're hearing on the news...

I also learned that I'm probably going to be teaching a lot more classes by myself this year because I still don't think my other partner wants to work with me. But that's ok, because I like teaching by myself :)

Oh, and one last thing. I learned that chocolate gives me a NICE burst of energy to make it through the very last lesson on Friday's!

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