22 September 2011

Last day of summer

My aunt informed me today that it is the last day of summer, so I guess it was a good thing that I chose today to go on a walk. But the real reason for choosing today was because the weather is beautiful (it was around 80ºF in the afternoon) and it was my last "sick day" before going back to school. And, in all honesty, I still look disgusting because of the attack of the cold sores and I wanted to get outside but I didn't feel like socializing with anyone. Luckily, though, the people that have seen me have informed me that I had a fever, to which my response is yes, I had a fever, along with a temperature and sore throat and yes, I drank a lot of tea with honey.

Oh yea, the walk.

I put on my walkin' shoes and jeans this time so I could walk through everything and not say "ouch" every few feet (flip flops are not good hiking shoes):

Then I hit the road by taking my original path at first, and straying from it.

When I saw the river, I knew I had to go there:
And made a wish

Then I decided to trudge through the weeds and make my way literally to the water's edge. It was so peaceful listening to the water! I felt like I was at the ocean.
And with all of my thoughts and wishes, I was glad a frog popped out of hiding to remind me that even though my mom isn't here with me, she still listens.
And the driftwood reminded me that my dad is still here and he also listens. And responds!

Then I saw the Arcopolis of Moldova (which ended up not being so cool up close)
Although some kids did try to write profanity in English. Spelling error!
And eventually I ran into the ferry which would have taken me over to the monument I wanted to see if it was running, but unfortunately it wasn't.
After sitting there for awhile and doing some writing and drawing, I decided to head back home.
And I found my next computer one the way there...
And some men that gave me directions and then the one in the white tried to get me to marry his son. His first question after telling me I just had to keep walking straight 2 kilometers was, "Are you married? Neither his he." HA!
My walk finished with picking some apples, which I later used to make amazing applesauce.

And on a final closing... I just want to say how happy I am at the moment. In fact, I am so happy that I was not only walking but also dancing while on my walk.


  1. What a happy, lovely post! I always enjoy your wonderful pictures!

  2. Hi Cate!
    My name is Lucia. I'm from Moldova. I moved to US 7 years ago.
    I came across your pictures on the Peace Corp website, after having a discussion with my boyfriend about you guys, volunteers, that go to countries like Moldova and teach english, and how much respect you get, especially from locals--i also had the pleasure and honor to meet two teachers during my high school years, but i do not want to elaborate my story here. I just want to express my thanks for what you do: you change the lives of the children you teach, and everyone else's you come across during your assignment. I absolutely loved your pictures and the descriptions. You have a true talent, because you captured all the moments that i could relate to, or any moldovan… It made me cry(the funeral) and laugh(the misspelling on the ruin's wall) because you can find that in every village in Moldova… You made me realize how much i miss and cherish that. Thank you, Cate.

    Btw, my birthday is on Sept. 9th also :)