06 September 2011


Sometimes life isn't about choices: we get what we get and we don't throw a fit. So one of the challenges when we don't have choices is working with people that we don't get along with, don't like, or people with whom are completely different from us. This is a lesson I've never really had to learn (or learned but have apparently since forgotten... somehow) since I have had my own business from the age of 17, and when I worked in the dorms there were so many of us that it didn't really seem to matter (or maybe we just all got along really well). But here I have only two partners which at first seemed great because we'd get to know each other really well and I didn't see any way there could be a problem. But then sh*t hit the fan. So at the beginning of this school year I made the executive decision not to work with one of my partners... let's just say to some "irreconsivable differences". If I was in another program here in Moldova with the Peace Corps, that would be fine because I could find another organization to work with, or if I was in a bigger school it would also be find because I could just work with other partners. But what it boils down to is I just have to wipe the tears away and suck it up. While it's a challenge for me to accept what my Director said today when I told her about the situation, it is the truth and she is very right: I have to wipe away the feelings that hurt my heart, move past them, and find a way to work together because that is what I'm here to do. Just teaching 9 hours isn't fair to the kids that I came here to TEACH. After all, what's just one more year of stress.

mei mei mei mei mei this is a difficult life lesson to learn the hard way.

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