20 September 2011

How to thin your hair

I have really thick hair. Actually, since I've been in this country it's thinned out a bit... but, regardless, it's still thick. So today I decided I was going to try to curl my hair with a curling iron that another PCV said anyone could borrow whenever we wanted... well, usually I have to put the settings on high because my hair won't hold the curl as well and it was on med so I moved it up to high. Once it was warm, I started all the way up the root and I heard sizzling. I thought it was just because my hair was a little bit damp still because I just blew it dry. Then as I tried to move it down to do another curl... it stuck. And then a chunk of hair fell out with it. Voila! Instantly thinned hair.

FML. I knew I should have followed my gut and started underneath instead of at the front of my head at the part... now I feel like a 2 year old who decided to give herself a haircut. And failed.

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