20 September 2011

We speak ROMANIAN!!

I arrived back in my village today (Penicillin does amazing things, except I still have a mouth covered in fever blisters and I'm still contagious) with not only the one bag I left with, but two. My host mom asked me where I got the other one, and I said a volunteer who left gave it to me (filled with lots of awesome cooking goodies! Thanks Christine!). So when we sat down at dinner my host mom asked me a little bit about her. I told her (and my host dad) that she's a Russian speaker... meaning she learned Russian when coming here instead of Romanian. Well, my host dad did not like that ONE BIT! He told me that if she was going to learn Russian she should have gone to Russia. I told him that we are not given the option to choose whether we learn Russian or Romanian and he said it didn't matter, there shouldn't be places here that need Russian speakers because the language is RO-MA-NA (Romanian)! Unfortunately I wasn't going to win this battle so I gave up. Poor Peace Corps Russian speakers! :P


  1. This post made me chuckle some :) What the heck are fever blisters though? Yikes sounds nasty.

  2. Fever blisters?! Sounds gross!
    Hope you're on the mend...

  3. Fever blisters aka cold sores aka herpes (on the mouth). Gross and not fun and you'd think I'd be used to them since I've gotten them since I was 2... but they never seem to feel any better. And this was the worst battle ever! Eek.

    And I sure am on the mend. Thanks guys! My lips just look like a world map not. haha!