25 September 2011

Inside out and gifts

Tonight as I was sitting at the dinner table with my host family enjoying a few shots of some of the amazing grape juice made today, my host mom looked at my host dad and said his tank top, which he’d been wearing while working outside all day, was inside out. He looked at the seams he could see and then mocked her saying the same thing. She then looked at the back of his shirt to see where the tag was- and it was, in fact, on the outside. But he wasn’t convinced… so he then pulled up his shirt and the back of it over his head so that he could see the tag for himself and sure enough, it was (still) inside out. The best part of this whole scene, though, was when he said, “Sometimes it’s OK to wear shirts inside out”. We all cracked up. Maybe you had to be there, but it was hilarious. I love it when my host dad is in a really good mood.

On another note, today while coming back to my village from Chisinau I met a girl from a neighboring village. She heard me speaking English with one my students and asked if I could give her some lessons. She then asked for my number but had to go get a piece of paper from her bag in the back of the bus…and when she came back, she had a book of the British Embassy in Moscow that she was giving to me as a gift (it is written in English and Russian). People here really never cease to amaze me.

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