29 June 2011

Secret Stories

Now here I am back in Varatic. The weather is overcast, the air is wet and cool (too cool for this time of year), and the village is mourning the loss of two people from the village. Two boys who were supposed to enter the 10th grade next year are still fighting for their lives but barely hanging on at this point. The accident happened around 9pm Friday in a nearby village. Neither drivers were drinking, and both were just going about their own business. Irina’s family has a store they run out of their house, so he was coming back from Balti with some things for the store, and Victor had picked up the two younger boys en route to Zaicani since they were all going there for the graduation ceremony. No one exactly knows what happened but it probably had to do with the fact that it was night, the roads are really bad, Victor’s speed was too fast (but that is not uncommon in Moldova, as people just FLY through the villages), there was a hill, and no one was wearing seatbelts. All four people had their necks broken instantly, and if the two remaining boys do survive, they won’t be in a good shape. It is so sad to see the village mourning the losses. Everyone is quiet (I think it also has to do with the weather), and that is all anyone is talking about. I just wish the sun would come out to brighten up some spirits but I think many people are looking at it as the weather is mourning with the villagers (which, you know, is quite interesting because when my mom died it was raining).

With all of this talk of the accident, so many “hidden” stories are coming out about the parents of the kids that have died or are still in comas. Of course no one knows if anything is true or not but it just kind of breaks my heart to hear the negative things that are being said. Some people begin by saying, “Who knows if this is true but….”, and then continue by saying, “well, this person got it from this person who got it from this person who is a relative of this person so it must be true.” Oh boy. However, an interesting story did come out about Irina’s dad that I feel is OK to share because she discussed it in class when they were learning about fortune telling. Apparently quite a few years back her mom went to see a fortune teller and this woman told her mom that her dad was going to die in an accident when he was 49. So his 49th year came and gone and nothing happened. Well, he was 51 at the time of his death… the fortune teller wasn’t that far off.

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