29 June 2011

Animal calls

That next night consisted of more meat, more alcohol, and more awesome conversations. We went to the neighbor’s house and spoke with him and his family under the roof of the summer kitchen they had built which kept us out of the rain and surprisingly away from many mosquitos. The best topic of conversation we had was animal sounds, and national anthems. We went around the table saying the different sounds that animals make in our languages (we even had a guy from Finland there)… and you wouldn’t believe the different sounds for animals! I mean, sure, people have different languages so that makes sense… but how can a rooster in America say “cockadoodledoo” and in France say “cocorico”? And a dog is “woof woof” “hram hram” “ack ack” and more… so picture grown adults making animals sounds of children… so funny!

Unfortunately the trip was winding to an end and we had an early morning so we could tour the old city before taking everyone to the airport (Matteo and I stuck around because we had our flight to Milan the next day) so we went to bed early (um, 2am). The next morning we spent a couple of hours walking around the city where we saw a bazillion gazillion tourists (because all of the locals were still in the country for the holiday), the oldest working pharmacy in Europe, and beautiful views. Then headed to the airport to say our difficult goodbyes (why is goodbye always difficult??).

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