29 June 2011

Playing catch up + Bob Marley?

The 14 posts that are after this one (meaning I already posted them) are in backwards order of how a blog usually works, but it's for one simple reason: I didn't suspect you wanted to read 8 pages of my Estonia+1 day in Italy trip all at once... so I broke it up for you, but I also didn't want it out of sequence so I wrote it all out during my 2 hour bus ride and then copy+paste'd it from the bottom up. Have fun! I should hopefully finish editing the wedding photos from KC tomorrow and then I'll move to Estonia and then get those posted. Ideally that will all happen tomorrow, which is quite possible due to the crappy weather we are having... which leads me to my next point.

My mood.

As you read through and get to this post, you will see the start of why I may possibly be in a bad mood. Plus, I was just notified we lost another one from the accident (my 9th grade student). I am also reading a book at the moment that I can't put down (except for now because I have my Kindle and it's now dark outside - I miss Estonia - and I didn't listen to my dad when he suggested the case with the light so I can't read right now) about Russia during WWII and HOLY COW it's intense and depressing, the weather is cold and crappy outside, only depressing songs were playing on my iTunes as I was editing wedding photos (which you'd think would make me happy, but it didn't) and no one is answering their phones right now to chat but I don't blame them... I'm not really in the mood either. So, with that being said, I had a bit of a hiatus from all of the above when I went to eat a rather perfect meal with my host family (fried zucchini with a garlic sauce and some goat cheese which was perfect after a rather late double-lunch due to my rather late 11am wake up so late breakfast). When I came back to my room I was notified of the 3rd death and just felt like doing nothing else after that. However, I'd received a text from one of my students notifying me that my internet should be working now which was a sigh of relief- and distraction. So I opened up my computer and started posting the 9 1/2 pages worth of text, and in doing so, I also opened up iTunes, hoping for something better.

The first song that played was "Everything's Gonna Be Alright" by Bob Marley. Perhaps my Mom was trying to do her part to help me out. After all, all her friends and family seemed to talk about when I was back home was her "Bahama Mama" parties. I guess now that I'm an adult (scary thought) I'm old enough to hear about the wild side of my Mom (awesome thought).

So, as a reminder to those of you who may also be suffering because of this crappy weather in Moldova: Don't worry about a thing. 'Cuz every little thing's... gonna be alright. This is my message to you-ou-ou."

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