29 June 2011

Bad news in the village


There was no Internet or cell service in the country so I needed to hop online to check my couch status from couchsurfing to see if I had a place for Milan yet. Of course I logged into facebook too (although I will definitely be slowing that down as I realized life is super awesome without it) and I’d received a message from my partner teacher informing me there had been a very terrible accident in my village. The father or one of my students (and friends) was killed, and one of my 9th grade boys was in critical condition and not expected to make it. There was another guy (20 years old) who is the brother of another student who also wasn’t expected to make it, and 1 more injured but not life-threatening. So I immediately felt I needed to cut my trip short and be back with my friend and my village. Unfortunately a flight out the next morning would cost 900 euros, so I had to calm down and think rationally about the next best option. Since I already had my ticket to Milan and I was going to miss the funeral regardless, I booked a ticket back to Chisinau for Tuesday morning, which gave me a full day in the city to see it. I have since found out that the 20 year old died this morning, but the student is hanging on, although still in a coma (and still not looking good). Oh the power of a seatbelt… I seriously feel naked now not wearing one but the unfortunate thing is I don’t have a choice of wearing one because it doesn’t exist.

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