29 June 2011

The President's House and and open air market


My flight was booked, and that still gave me a full day in Tallinn before heading to Milan, and then Chisinau. Matteo was sick so I toured the city with Kristiina (Chris’s sister in law), her husband, and their two kiddos. We went to the President’s house which surprised me he actually lived there because you could literally walk up to the base of the front porch before the guards shooed you away. But Kristiina made a good point: the country is small. There are only 1 million people, and it’s not a huge tourist destination, so I guess it’s safer. Plus, they’re not a threat to anyone, so that helps. Then we went to an organic cafĂ© (the only one in the city) where we saw an Estonian singer, an Estonian model, and 2 TV hosts. I guess it was a popular hangout spot.. but also with the country being so small, she said you see famous Estonians all the time.

Then we went to the open air market which was so clean and organized I felt like I was at a tourist destination- but it was where the locals all go. We had a marzipan cake and then headed to the apartment for fresh strawberries and cherries (and for me to print my boarding pass in order to avoid a 40 euro charge to print it at the airport). Once we returned to Chris’s parent’s apartment and got some chicken soup (just like my host mom makes it!) it was time to head to the airport for our 9:40pm flight.

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